HomeGuard Professional

2.8.1 (64-bit)

Monitor activity over your internet connection



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HomeGuard Professional is a monitoring and blocking tool that lets you control how different computers are used both at home and at the office.

HomeGuard Professional registers all internet activity by default and it automatically blocks all adult or inappropriate content on any website. You can also customize the elements you wish to be blocked, creating lists and filters to help catalogue what is and isn’t inappropriate.

HomeGuard Professional keeps a detailed registry of internet usage by certain programs and video games. In fact, you can collect tons of data on each one of these programs, as well as capture automatic screen shots of them, or of specific moments throughout the connection.

All information registered using the HomeGuard Professional clients can also be seen remotely by accessing the application’s servers. In case you were wondering, this information is saved and stored securely (with encryption), so you need not worry about any possible leaks.

HomeGuard Professional is a very complete security and block tool that also works in stealth mode by default. Basically, no one but the application's client will know it is working on the computer.

15 day trial period.

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